Baseball Handicapping: Cubs, Giants, Mets Top World Series Odds

The Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants, New York Mets, Houston Astros, Kansas City Royals, and Los Angeles Dodgers top the list of sportsbook and baseball handicapper picks favorites to win the 2016 World Series.

At a mere 6-1 (or +600 on the moneyline) the Cubs are the favorites to end the Curse of the Billy Goat and win their first World Series since 1908, followed by the big salaried New York Mets at +800. The San Francisco Giants are “due” to drink the final bottle of champagne having won the last three even years World Series and are next at +900.

With their pitching staff rebuilt behind Clayton Kershaw, the Dodgers are at +1000. Will the pro gamblers handicapping theory that it is easier to be the hunter than the hunted haunt last year’s Cinderella team the Houston Astros? A young squad that exploded a year earlier than expected; will they build on last year’s progress? Oddsmakers don’t seem to be making a fervent declaration either way as they are at +1400.

Could the Atlanta Braves with what is widely considered to be the cream of the crop minor league system in baseball progress early and be a stunning long shot at +2000? Complete odds are below:

Odds to Win 2016 World Series

3002 Atlanta Braves +20000

3003 Baltimore Orioles +4500

3004 Boston Red Sox +1400

3005 Chicago Cubs +600

3006 Chicago White Sox +3300

3007 Cincinnati Reds +17500

3008 Cleveland Indians +2000

3009 Colorado Rockies +20000

3010 Detroit Tigers +2500

3011 Houston Astros +1400

3012 Kansas City Royals +1200

3013 Los Angeles Dodgers +1000

3014 Los Angeles Angels +3300

3015 Miami Marlins +6600

3016 Milwaukee Brewers +12500

3017 Minnesota Twins +4500

3018 New York Mets +800

3019 New York Yankees +1800

3020 Oakland Athletics +7500

3021 Philadelphia Phillies +25000

3022 Pittsburgh Pirates +2000

3023 San Diego Padres +12500

3024 San Francisco Giants +900

3025 Seattle Mariners +2800

3026 St Louis Cardinals +1400

3027 Tampa Bay Rays +4500

3028 Texas Rangers +2200

3029 Toronto Blue Jays +1200

3030 Washington Nationals +1400 Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy is expecting the best baseball betting season every recorded thanks to a huge influx of betting systems, many with units won above +125 and/or ROI near or above 30 percent. Considering his long history of winning since the scorephone days, that is saying a ton. 

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