Free MLB Picks: Big Underdog For Sports Bettors

Don't feel dirty betting on the Phillies
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Here is a free pick from Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy, anchor of


We have an early season underdog angle with very specific parameters that has won 173.3. Please note: the reason the units jumped is I more accurately identified as underdog including laying up to -104 because they are underdogs as opposed to pick or plus after juice as previous units won was based.

This angle exploits the fact that squares prefer the false sense of security of betting on the perceived better team and pitcher. However the system in fact isolates overvalued squads and hurlers.

Obviously neither offense is impressive but the Phillies have a slightly higher slugging percentage and OPS. The road team is 18-9 in the series. The Mets have lost 3-of-4 to Aaron Harang, with Harang giving up just three earned runs combined in the four starts.

Yes Chase Utley and Ryan Howard are on the downside of their careers, but both are capable of much better than they have shown.

Again, the free pick is to go with the underdog Philadelphia Phillies.

Despite never-ending heartbreak in extra innings, Joe Duffy’s Picks has 24 underdog winners in our 27-23 mark. With our domination of underdogs and small favorites, hitting .500 over any long period will make you serious cash. We have five daytime winning picks led by a Wise Guy. Wait until you see all the intel that points very specifically at one team all at

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