Temple vs. Charlotte Weather and Vegas Betting Picks Preview

Presented is the Vegas runner scrutiny of pulling together key achievement indicators from a betting approach on the bout between Temple and Charlotte. The Las Vegas odds are Temple -22 with a total of 43.5. The game opened up at -24.5 and 48. The reason for the total dropping is that, “Heavy rain expected across Western North Carolina this weekend with potentially historic and life threatening flash flooding possible.” This is a result of Hurricane Joaquin 2015

Sixty percent of bets on the game line are on the road favorite Owls with 55 percent on the over. Originating with the yards per carry data, the higher value offense is Temple by .5. On the same part of the line of scrimmage, yards per catch bestows the control to Charlotte by .2. Professional gamblers exploit the yards per point angle. The more fruitful unit with the ball in their control is Temple by 4.3. Connecticut vs. Brigham Young is another Friday bet. Below is the preview. 

We shall make a distinction in the yardsticks on defense in a jiffy but firstly, the chief sport bet pick in the handicapping activity on this game is Joe Duffy’s Picks. Two Friday college football sides have been added. In fact, there is a very uncommon system that is 67-38, yet it applies tonight and it both cases it was more corroborating data. Basically I wanted to look up something that my experience said was true for one pick only to realize not only was it true, but applied on two of the three games Friday at

In halting rushing attacks, the senior ranked defense in accordance with rushing yards per attempt is Temple by .1. The tighter defense in terms of yards per pass catch would be Charlotte by .6. The more troublesome defense making use of yards per point enlightenment is that of Temple forcing 8.8 more. On the better segment of turnover ratio say sports betting podcast is Temple by 12. 

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Yards per point is determined by dividing total yards by number of points. Offensively a lower number is considered more efficient. On defense, a higher number is better.

Spread trends (all records against the spread): Temple 8-3 Fridays, 21-8 after allowing less than 100 yards rushing in their previous game, 7-3 turf, 13-6 after accumulating more than 450 total yards in their previous game.

Over/under angles: Temple under 5-0 after accumulating more than 280 yards passing in their previous game, under 5-0 after accumulating less than 100 yards rushing in their previous game, under 13-6 after allowing less than 100 yards rushing in their previous game.

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