Sports Betting Preview UConn vs. BYU Friday Night Football Odds

Connecticut and BYU clash on Friday night football on ESPN2. The world’s top sports bettors achieve the utmost scrutinizing the subsequent key performance indicators in foreseeing the point spread picks with the performance gap breakdowns.

The Vegas and offshore point spread is BYU -17.5 with a total of 43.5 as high as 45.5. Differentiating the yards per rush records on offense, the specifics assign the plus row to Brigham Young by .3. Grading passing yards per catch on offense, the totaling supports Connecticut by 1.3. Countless sports betting Twitter feed subscribers capitalize on yards per point. Offensively the most desirable final tallies are owned by BYU by 5.0.

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Defensively the more effective troop against the run documented by yards per rush is UConn by .5. Yards per reception numerals make higher the defense of the Huskies by 1.1. Sums on the yards per point arithmetic give the benefit in the checkbox of Connecticut forcing 1.6 more. Onward to net turnover margin, the more capable squad is BYU by four.

Yards per point is determined by dividing total yards by number of points. Offensively a lower number is considered more efficient. On defense, a higher number is better.

Spread trends (all records against the spread): Connecticut 8-20 road, 4-12 overall, 3-10 after allowing less than 170 yards passing in their previous game, 1-8 in October.

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BYU 20-8 after accumulating less than 100 yards rushing in their previous game, 0-6 after accumulating less than 170 yards passing in their previous game, 3-7 grass.

Over/under angles: UConn under 5-0 after allowing less than 170 yards passing in their previous game, under 9-3 off spread loss, under 8-3 off loss. BYU under 15-5 on Fridays, under 17-7 after accumulating less than 275 total yards in their previous game.

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