Free Pick College Football Betting Preview Kansas-Oklahoma State

Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy of is not only the winningest sports betting expert in history, he is red-hot. Here is a free premium bet from him in college football:


We have an angle that has to do with well-rested big favorites that is 62-23-4. The winning percentage is even better when off a win. Kansas has an abysmal defense. OSU has one chink in the armor in that they do not run well. But Kansas cannot stop the run.

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Not that is a major “problem” but not only do we have many whale clients, but also several influential syndicates use the same metrics, systems, and computer programs that we do. One major Vegas betting groups definitely pounds the above angle, so the line moves up quickly. Still a two-point move for a line in the 30s is not like a game going from say one to three.

It still has a splendid mark post line move. Kansas allows an absurd 252 rushing yards per game versus teams normally getting 214 and they allow 68.1 percent completion rate to teams earning an average just 64. Look for the Pokes high powered offense to have a field day as they get a stunning 9.6 yards per pass at home.

The AAC Conference Game of the Year is up for Saturday among three college football winning Wise Guys and four Majors. Yes seven college football for Saturday. We are a stunning 57-36 with all sports Wise Guys with the latest being the Royals +123 but that goes back to MLB regular season and includes 11 Dandy Dogs, which are moneyline underdogs of 140 or more. We are 4-0 in football this week with Memphis, Appalachian State, Appalachian State UNDER, and the Seahawks. Including that underdog on the Royals, I am 5-0 the last two nights. Why should this week, year, or decade be any different?

Just in football we have hit 8-of-11 including every last Game of the Year. I am sorry, but if you are betting on your own, you truly met hate yourself. Get the picks now at

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