Northern Illinois vs. Buffalo Betting Preview to Sportsbook Odds

Weeknight college football betting is in full swing and no question that one of the sounder handicapping projections say pro gamblers is the game between Northern Illinois vs. Buffalo.

Offshore sportsbooks has the point spread posted as Northern Illinois either -6.5 or -7 so shop the sportsbooks. A stunning 83 percent of bets have been placed on Northern Illinois. Though the public loves to bet favorites, especially road favorites, that is still a very high percentage. However most gamblers prefer to bet the over, yet 51 percent of wagers on this contest are on the under.

In comparing yards per rush on offense, the better digits go to Northern Illinois by .5. Insofar as passing yards per completion on the offensive side of the ball, the plus side is for NIU by 1.7. According to yards per point, the most efficient offense of the combatants is Northern Illinois by 1.7. SBR Forum's Megan Rochester and Grandmaster Sports Handicapper give all the right angle sports intel for Utah-Arizona as well. 

Defensively the more stingy team centered on yards per rush calculations is Northern Illinois by .4. The more outstanding defense based on the proviso of passing yards per completion is NIU by 1.2. The yards per point statistic used by the best pro gamblers says the better defense is Northern Illinois by .9. Turnover rate has the teams in a dead heat at +3 each.

Who to bet on according to the sharp bettors is as usual Joe Duffy’s Picks. A 3-0 NBA sweep led to another winning night. An unusually super strong Wednesday night sees nine winning picks in three sports including three sides and totals in college football.

Yards per point is determined by dividing total yards by number of points. Offensively a lower number is considered more efficient. On defense, a higher number is better.

Over/under angles: Northern Illinois is 20-6 on the road. Buffalo 6-0 after allowing less than 170 yards passing in their previous game, 7-17 to teams with a winning record.

Over/under angles: Northern Illinois under 8-1 road.

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