How to Bet Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars TNF NFL Odds Week 11

College and NFL action are on Thursday Night Football. This week’s football schedule includes a contest between Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars. Free football picks says the Vegas point spread is Jacksonville -3 and -105 with a total of 43. Most sportsbooks have -2.5 and about -119 as an option as well. The line opened at -3 and 44.

In comparing yards per rush on offense, the better numbers belong to Jacksonville by .1. As far as passing yards per completion on the offensive side of the ball, the upper hand is for Jacksonville. According to yards per point, the more efficient offense is for Jaguars by 1.0.

Defensively the more stingy team based on yards per rush is Jacksonville by .7. The superior defense in terms of passing yards per completion is also Jacksonville by .8. The yards per point statistic used by the line makers says the better-quality defense is Tennessee forcing .9 more. The turnover department upper hand belongs to Jacksonville by four.

Who to bet on is without debate Joe Duffy’s Picks. So about that first slump in months. LOL. Just recently, it is 7-3 the last 10 off another sweep last night! AFC Thursday Night Game of the Year on Titans-Jaguars is worth the wait. We also have two college football Wise Guys! This is one of the biggest weeknights in a long time. We have five college basketball winning picks. Yes seven winners including three football Wise Guys all at top sports betting picks site, tracing its roots to 1980 scorephone days. Titans-Jaguars, East Carolina-Central Florida, UL Monroe-Texas State handicapper previews are below. 

Yards per point is determined by dividing total yards by number of points. Offensively a lower number is considered more efficient. On defense, a higher number is better.

Spread trends (all records against the spread): Tennessee is 7-21 overall, 4-20 to AFC South but 9-3 after accumulating less than 250 total yards in their previous game. Jags are 16-35 games after allowing more than 350 total yards in their previous game and 9-19 at home.

Over/under angles: Tennessee has gone under 8-2 road games vs. a team with a losing home record but over 13-6 after scoring less than 15 points in their previous game. Series under 8-2.

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