Bowl Betting Odds Preview Air Force-California

Las Vegas oddsmakers have given sports betting podcast listeners one of the best betting opportunities for the pick nation to take advantage of this week in football in the fight between Air Force vs. California in the Armed Forces Bowl.

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The Las Vegas Strip scores and odds are California -6.5 or -7 with a total of 68 to 68.5. It opened at -6 and 63. The spread pick is evenly divided at 50-50, while a jaw dropping 86 percent are on the over. Money line has 62 percent favoring the big underdog Air Force.

The most excellent sports handicappers evaluate diverse key handicapping numbers. Here is the probe of that contest from a wagering perspective. To contrast yards per rush on offense, the advantage of betting metrics goes to Air Force by .9. Passing yards per completion is another index exhausted by sports investors. The lead is in the column of Air Force by 7.7. Perhaps the most made use of performance indicator by Vegas whales is yards per point. From the offensive examination the better statistics are is in the column of Air Force by .9.

Insofar as the key records on the defensive side of the ball. The yards per rush guide says the more outstanding run defense is Air Force by .6. The better-quality passing yards per completion data on defense gives the statistical edge to California by .8. In terms of yards per point, the best defense in the contest is California forcing .6 more. Turnover ratio favors Cali by five.

Yards per point is determined by dividing total yards by number of points. Offensively a lower number is considered more efficient. On defense, a higher number is better.

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Spread trends (all records against the spread): California 7-16 off spread loss, 4-14 grass. Air Force 8-2 to teams with a winning record, 6-14 off loss.

Over/under angles: California over 22-7 non-conference, under 17-7 grass. Air Force over 7-3 off loss.

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